Field Reporting Tools – Bringing your “A Game” on the field

Field operations are an integral part of any marketing team, and more fortunes have been made on the field than from behind a desk. Most retail manufacturers and especially those producing consumables like food and beverages, depend highly on the efficiency of their on-field teams. Managing a large work force, especially when they are on the field and not in an office, can be a challenging task. One that would normally would mean recruiting a large number of supervisors. With the invention of mobile applications and workforce management tools this has changed considerably, and now keeping track of a large on-field workforce is quite simple. Field service management software has been around for a while, but only since smart-phones have arrived on the scene have they become really very versatile. Common companies with large on-field teams are courier companies, restaurants that deliver, and FMCG companies with large sales and marketing teams. Keeping track of employees is now as simple as having them report regarding completion of certain tasks, and since everything is online it is possible to keep track of all progress in real time.

Field Reporting Tools and Analysis

Collecting reports from the field is an important strategy and the smoother the communication the quicker changes can be implemented. Marketing companies are always updating and upgrading strategies, some of them even resort to giveaways and compensations to have retailers stock their products. For example, a popular instant noodle brand offers a gold coin to the first retailer to sell a million packets, the effectiveness of this strategy and the extent to which it is profitable can be analyzed quickly and efficiently using field reporting apps. Another good example would be a courier company that launches a customer satisfaction campaign and would like feedback from each customer that accepts delivery of an item. This exercise can be carried out simply and effectively by sending a text message directly to each customer’s phone or by having them give their feedback on the app. Gathering reports from the field were always subject to human error in the past and with the inclusion of software that basically automates everything, the margin for human error has been reduced to almost negligible.

Marketing Strategies and Tools to Aid Them

Marketing, sales and after sales service, are some of the common fields where a large number of on-field staff is required. Security and event management are also such fields. Whenever employees need to be managed in large numbers, it is always wise to have a good communication system between the people on field and the people behind the desks. The back office support is often overlooked and this is where a lot of people get it wrong, any on-field team is only as good as their support and that is why communication is so important. A lot of great tools aid in smooth communication between departments and FreD by is one such tool. This great little application features a GPS tracking system as well as a log so you can actually physically track each employee and remotely survey their progress. This is really a blessing for anyone managing a large work force and eliminates the need for on-field supervisors. Hiring supervisors is often a lot more expensive than hiring employees and the elimination of this need for supervision really saves a huge chick out of one’s budget.

The Best Tool to Help You Support Your Employees

The on-field staff aren’t the only ones that benefit from a great tool like FreD from, but even the support staff find that it makes their life a whole lot easier. The GPS system on the software is a great tool for marketing managers who want to map out territories for their sales and marketing reps as well as helps them plan routes and journeys. For managers in the retail field, keeping track of which stores are stocking your products and which stores need to start stocking your products is a difficult task. With tools like “FreD” this not only easily accomplished but also efficient and accurate. This great tool was created by Mahimm Gupta and Sarvesh Bagla of, and is available on the website as well as the Google Play Store. The cool thing about this tool is you can set it up and have it running in less than 24 hours, no more waiting and analyzing and collecting field data for months before you can launch a new project. Another cool feature about this app from that’s definitely with mentioning is the pricing module. Now while most applications have a flat rate that you need to pay, this application has a usage based pricing module and this means your payments are directly proportional to your usage, which makes this app a very cost effective option indeed.

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