Field Reporting and Analysis Module

A proprietary mobile reporting tool to EMPOWER the performance of your people and your retailers, FRAMe is currently used to make over 400,000 calls/month and captures over 1.4 million photos per month

With FRAMe, you’re empowered on-the-go! Manage all your front line employee reporting needs through mobile, on a fully customizable mobile UI and dashboard. A full-featured field reporting app, FRAMe can manage attendance, route journeys, increase efficiency on calls, offer guides and resources, and provide live reporting through geo-location and images.

Some Key Features are:

  • Selfie-based Attendance Capturing

  • Route-Planning and Call-Efficiency Prompting

  • Daily work allocation and execution based on pre-set routes & journey plans

  • Geo-Location (GPS) capturing for each call

  • Field data capturing with images

  • Barcode Scanning & Mobile Signature Capability

  • Fully Customizable Dashboard with Live Reporting

  • Meaningful In-Built Analytical Reports and Insights, Exportable to Excel 

  • Additional Features such as Auto Emailers

When you connect the data and photos to the Back-end Auditing feature of FRAMe, you now have a very powerful functionality of validating and scoring the work done at the point of execution.

It allows you to manage your business by connecting all the dots, viewing the data on a dashboard or extracting to excel to help you create your own analytics in the way you like. We can also enable the posting of the data to your in-house BI tool or server so that you can seamlessly integrate it with your other data sets and build a bigger picture of success.

FRAMe can be implemented for any front-line employees and is not limited to only retail merchandisers, sales promoter and supervisors. Get in touch with us at +91 44 42821720 or email us at to know more