Work Ethics and Code of Conduct

With a view to provide an healthy and good quality work environment PPMS has designed a Work ethics and Code of Conduct policy which is listed below. This policy is a part and parcel of the Appointment letter issued to the employees at the time of joining

Any employee who has signed off the Appointment letter is deemed to have read understood and accepted this policy displayed on our website


Every Employee shall:

  • Perform normal duties and responsibilities in any job for which he has been recruited by PPMS.
  • Report at once to the Superior any vital lapse / abnormal situation/ loss, which he may notice; that may have adverse effect on PPMS’s financial resources, market standing, etc.
  • Always keep in their possession the identity card issued to them by PPMS.
  • Carry only authorised persons in PPMS Vehicles and not allow any unauthorised persons to operate such vehicles / equipments.
  • Always keep the concerned authorities informed on changes in marital status, dependants, address etc. or any other information that may be required by the management from time to time.
  • Be polite and shall refrain from using insulting language to a Customer, Superior or any other employee of PPMS.
  • Maintain good conduct and discipline and show courtesy and attention to all persons in all transactions and negotiations.
  • Observe, comply with and obey all orders and directions that may from time to time be given by any person or persons under whose control he may for the time being is placed.
  • Should accept the orders of transfer from location to the other or from one shift to the other

No employee shall, among other things:

  • Be habitually late in attending office
  • Resort to habitual breach or gross/deliberate violation of any directives/polices of PPMS.
  • Misuse any amenity provided for official purposes by PPMS.
  • Leave office premises without intimation/permission.
  • Neglect any aspect of his official work.
  • Exhibit insubordination or disobedience whether alone or in combination with other employees to any reasonable order of the superior.
  • Leave place of work without sufficient cause and / or enter other offices of PPMS other than in the course of duty.
  • Loiter, idle or waste time during working hours.
  • Sleep while on duty.
  • Obtain leave of absence, by making false statement, false/forged certificates.
  • Refuse to accept any written/oral order/communication from the Superiors.
  • Furnish incorrect or false information about the previous service particulars in any other organisation and reasons for leaving them.
  • Suppress any information in connection with obtaining of employment with PPMS or later during the service of PPMS.
  • Indulge in any acts which causes monetary or other loss or which could potentially cause monetary or other loss to PPMS.
  • Smoke or chew betel and spit where it is prohibited
  • Resort to eve teasing within the premises of PPMS or knitting with the female employees during work time
  • Resort to Gambling or playing cards during the work time or outside the work time in the premises of PPMS or client`s premises


Every employee shall ensure proper behaviour in keeping with the official decorum and not to indulge in riotous or disorderly behaviour or any act subversive of discipline.

No employee shall:

  • Threaten or abuse or intimidate or assault any employee/customer inside/outside the premises of PPMS in connection with any aspect of his employment.
  • Squat or remain anywhere within the premises of PPMS with a view to intimidate, coerce or threaten PPMS’s employees.
  • Indulge in any criminal offense involving moral turpitude, which attracts conviction in any court of law.
  • Stage, encourage or instigate forms of coercive action on any member of Team Supervisor or any other cadre.
  • Be involved in theft, fraud or dishonesty in connection with PPMS’s business, affairs or property or property entrusted by PPMS.
  • Indulge in forgery, falsification, destruction or alteration, theft or removal of records of PPMS.
  • Come to the place of work in drunken/intoxicated condition.
  • Consume alcoholic beverages or narcotics within the premises of PPMS.
  • Write anonymous or pseudonymous letters regarding employees, business or affairs of PPMS.
  • Possess pecuniary resources or property disproportionate to the known source of income either by themselves or in the name of close relatives/dependents.
  • Bring any political or outside influence to bear upon the management to further their or other employees’ interest in respect of matters pertaining to their service with PPMS.
  • Indulge in any Sexual harassment at Work Place


Every employee shall:

  • Not engage themselves in any activity or business or employment or office of profit for remuneration or otherwise, whether on a part time basis or on an honorary basis.
  • Not contest in election to any elected office of the local bodies, legislative bodies, etc. while on service of PPMS without obtaining permission.
  • Declare immediately if any close relative of the employee is or going to render services to any organisation with which PPMS or its Group concerns has business/other relationship.
  • Report the following information
  • Any interest, financial or otherwise, which they or their close relatives have in:
    • Suppliers of goods and/or services to PPMS or its Group Concerns
    • Distributors or Dealers for PPMS or its Group Concerns
    • Any other business which has at the relevant time a business relationship with PPMS or its Group Concerns,

Any personal interest of value, which they or their close relatives might have, in any transaction or proposed transaction between PPMS and an outside person or organisation.

  • Manage their private affairs so as to avoid habitual indebtedness or insolvency.

No employee shall:

  • Canvass for political party membership or involve in collection of political party funds/contributions within the premises of PPMS.
  • Canvass in support of any business of insurance agency, commission agency etc. managed by close members of their family within the premises of PPMS.
  • Render service to represent as a Managing Director / Director or employee of an organisation with which PPMS or its Group Concerns has at the relevant time a business relationship, whether for reward or not, outside the normal course of their employment with PPMS, without the written consent of the Managing Director / Director.
  • Give evidence, except with permission, in connection with any enquiry conducted by a person, committee or authority.
  • Speculate in any stock, share or securities or commodities or valuables of any description or shall make investments which are likely to embarrass or influence in the discharge of their duties.
  • Use office space, equipment, and materials for outside employment.


Every Employee shall:

  • Maintain utmost secrecy regarding PPMS’s affairs in respect of which they shall sign a declaration of secrecy.
  • Be bound by any confidentiality agreement that may be signed by the employee for the purpose

No employee shall:

  • Make public or publish any document, paper or information, which might have come into his possession in official capacity or otherwise without prior permission.
  • Disclose any financial figures, information regarding decisions/ settlements/ arrangements or any other matters of trade and business of PPMS without permission.


Every employee shall refrain from accepting lavish or frequent hospitality from any individual or firm having business dealings with our PPMS.

No employee shall:

  • Accept any fee or any pecuniary advantage for any work done/ services provided to any outsider without permission.
  • Use their position or influence directly or indirectly to secure employment for them and/or for any of their close relatives in any firm or PPMS having business, business dealings with our PPMS.
  • Solicit or accept directly or indirectly or permit any member of their family to accept, without permission, gift or reward or any such offer from any person or firm having dealings with PPMS.
  • Demand or accept bribes or any illegal gratification or receive any loan from any customer or any other person with whom the employee has interaction, in the normal course of his duties.
  • Accept or solicit from any person or firm money, favour or consideration for employment in PPMS.
  • Accept or solicit from any person or firm money, favour or consideration connected with any facet of PPMS’s activities.


PPMS expects that every employee will be regular and punctual in attendance. This means being in the office, ready to work, at their starting time each day. Absenteeism and tardiness places a burden on other employees and on PPMS.

If you are unable to report for work for any reason, notify your leave sanctioning authority before regular starting time. You are responsible for speaking directly with these persons and inform them about your absence. It is not acceptable to leave a message on a voice mail, except in extreme emergencies. In the case of leaving a voice-mail message, a follow-up call must be made later that day. It is the onus of the employees to note the contact nos. of their leave sanctioning authority. Undue tardiness or irregular attendance may attract disciplinary action.


When you are unable to work owing to illness or an accident or must leave the office for some other reason before the end of the workday, please notify your leave sanctioning authority. This will allow PPMS to arrange for temporary coverage of your duties, and helps other employees to continue work in your absence.

When an employee absents himself from work without proper authorisation for a period of eight days or for a period of eight days beyond the sanctioned leave period, the appointing authority may give notice to resume duty. If the employee neither reports for work nor responds to such communication to the satisfaction of PPMS, the appointing authority may presume that the employee has voluntarily abandoned the services and the employee will be considered as having automatically lost his lien on the services of PPMS.


You are aware that the nature of your job is such that you are required to visit the various outlets and submit your report either through the mobile report app or in the form of a written report as may be required from time to time. Thus, as part of your job and responsibilities you will be required to strictly adhere to the following:-

  • a) Depending on the area / region / need of client, you will either be required to submit your reports online, through the mobile report app. or through manual handwritten report. You are required to follow the same as directed, strictly from time to time.
  • b) Where you are required to report through the mobile report app., it is your responsibility to use it as per the guidelines, as amended from time to time, and ensure that the required data and photos are uploaded to the application server accurately, completely and within the defined time lines.
  • c) You are aware that GPS Tracking and location tracking are used to determine the work done and the time period you were in the location. Hence, it will be necessary for you to ensure that the GPS data reported from your mobile app matches with the location data as recorded for the store within the defined timelines. Any mismatch will be construed as mis-reporting of data / information.
  • d) In case of any mismatch of data between the GPS Tracking system and location data as recorded for the store, it shall be construed that you have not carried out your work as required and consequently, disentitled to salary for the day / period.
  • e) In the event that the reporting is required to be written on a paper in a defined report, and photos are to be taken separately, the report and such photos should be delivered to the designated office/person accurately, completely and within the defined time lines.
  • f) Photos are an important part of establishing the completeness and quality of your work. If photos are not taken properly it will not be possible to establish that you have done your work as required or even done it at all. Thus taking required photos are a must.
  • g) In case any data in the written report and/or mobile application is incomplete or without being accompanied by proper photographs, it will become impossible to establish that you have done your work on the said date and as such, the company will have no option but to mark you absent for such days of unreported/incomplete reports or misreported work.
  • h) It is clearly understood that there shall be no explanation acceptable later on and we will solely base the decision on the data available in the app server or as per the report/photos/GPS data submitted/reported by you.
  • i) Please also note that any such repeated instances of misreporting apart from disentitling you for salary for such days, your conduct would also entitle the Management to treat the same as indiscipline, thus attracting termination of employment without notice.


PPMS is committed to providing a work environment that is free of discrimination and unlawful harassment. Actions, words, jokes, or comments based on an individual’s sex, race, ethnicity, age, religion, or any other legally protected characteristic will not be tolerated.

If you believe you have been the victim of harassment, or know of another employee who has, report it immediately. Employees can raise concerns and make reports without fear of reprisal.

Any employee who becomes aware of possible harassment should promptly advise his/ her Team Supervisor or the HR in-charge who will handle the matter in a timely and confidential manner.


PPMS’s facilities namely telephones, Internet are intended for the use of serving our customers and in conducting PPMS’s business. Personal usage is discouraged except for extreme emergencies. If an employee is found to be deviating from this policy, he/ she will be subject to disciplinary action


PPMS is committed to providing a safe and productive workplace for its employees. In keeping with this commitment, the following rules regarding alcohol and drugs of abuse have been established for all staff members, regardless of rank or position. The rules apply during working hours to all employees of PPMS while they are on PPMS premises or elsewhere on PPMS business. Being under the influence of illegal drugs, alcohol, or substances of abuse on PPMS property is prohibited. Working while under the influence of prescription drugs that impair performance is prohibited.


“Misconduct” in simple terms can be termed as non-adherence to laid down PPMS norms/ procedures/ directives or violation of notified code of conduct and/or discipline. The various acts of misconducts / violation of rules are illustratively given in Sections 2 to 11 and not exhaustive.. Employees must strictly desist from all those forms of behavior that are considered unacceptable or rule infractions or misconduct in the workplace as that may result in disciplinary action, including termination of employment.

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