10 Ways Mobile is Transforming Field Reporting

Here is a list of 10 ways on how mobile is transforming field reporting today.

Address Issues in Real-Time

By implementing mobile field reporting and service management into your operations, you can effectively identify and address issues in real-time. There will no longer be a need to deal with unnecessary delays and downtime. Mobile management allows the entire team to stay on the same page throughout each stage of the project.

Project Management Has Full Transparency

Managers and upper-level executives will no longer have to wait extensively for reports and logs to monitor a project’s progress. Mobile technology allows them to stay linked in with up-to- date information in real-time from project to project.

Conserve Payroll by Reducing Daily Reports

A substantial chunk of time is taken out of your team’s daily schedule just to present daily reports and explain the progress of their current projects. Transitioning to a mobile management system reduces (or even eliminates) the need to waste time taking this step without losing the efficient reporting that comes along with it.

Increase Safety by Decreasing Downtime

By removing the need for excessive phone calls and daily reporting, you allow your field employees and contractors to devote their undivided attention to the project-at- hand. Without those unnecessary distractions and by implementing a field data collection app system, this will undoubtedly decrease the risk of injuries and work hazards while encouraging a safe work environment.

Create Opportunities for Telecommuting

More and more people are actively searching for telecommuting jobs and work-at- home opportunities. Using mobile technology to revolutionize your field reporting will allow your company to embrace this growing trend and expand your workforce along the way.

Effective Protection Against Litigation

There is an extensive list of potential cases that clients can file against you in court. To prevent a battle of your word versus theirs, documentation is key. Mobile technology allows you to capture photos, conversations and other important sources of evidence that can come in handy for you when those hurdles arise.

Easy Transition to Paperless Environment

Perhaps you have tried to make the eco-friendly transition to a paperless work environment for years without any long-term change or success. Mobile field service management reduces your growing pile of written documentation and printed materials – including payroll files, delivery schedules and working through inclement weather conditions.

Document Important Client Notes, No Delay

Your client may have something that they need you to document right away while you are in the field. Mobile technology allows you to document those notes and correspondence without delay, especially if you need to forward those reports or notes to other team members and/or managers.

Increase the Efficiency of Your Payroll

Using mobile field reporting app makes it easier to collect payroll from your field employees, which will save your HR and payroll department a major headache in the long run. You will be able to identify and resolve payroll discrepancies in a fraction of the time it would have taken otherwise.

Gain a Well-Deserved Competitive Edge

The bottom line is that adding mobile into your field reporting software protocol will give you an edge over the competition that could possibly cause your sales and client satisfaction rates to skyrocket sooner than you think.

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