In-Store Retail Promotion by PPMS

In-store promotion by PPMS Field Marketing Services can perfectly turn a shopper into a buyer with the help of face-to-face meetings and engagement. Our 6000+ personnel team assists in-store and retail promoters with the focus on delivering the best in terms of in-store execution. We also provide the additional attention required to upscale the visibility of a brand along with other retail promotion ideas and concepts.

Key Features & Benefits of In-Store Retail Promotion

Operating in a fast-paced, competitive and dynamic setup, PPMS Field Marketing Services aims at turning customers into buyers and assists them in other areas of retail sales promotion. Our progressive approach has helped us incorporate and innovate fast, unique and flexible solutions for in-store and retail promotion.

Some major benefits of in-store promotion are:

  • Detailing, up-selling, cross-selling and building a brand

  • Allotting the right team of people for training

  • Coaching and guiding product and store promoters for best results

  • Overviewing performance of promoters

  • Assisting promoters to contact shopper

Why Choose Promotion Ideas for In-Store Retail?

Sales promotion ideas for retail stores are important to build awareness of your brand and attract a customer’s attention. An example of this is sponsoring a show dealing in trade or providing free samples to retailers. In-store marketing ideas also help a brand reach the right audience as well as generate more business efficiently. Such in-store promotion ideas also help convince more people to try a new product or service.

What is the Role of Retail Promoter for In-Store Promotion?

The role of a retail promoter is as impactful as that of an in-store promoter. PPMS also plays a key role here by providing the best retail promoters to help promote a brand and their products.

A brand requires efficient product promoters to create awareness of a product or a service. A good promoter:

  • Understands the basic techniques to sell

  • Has the knowledge of the 4P’s–product, placement, price and product

  • Has deep insights of a product

  • Offers sound advice about preparing, using, and storing a particular product

  • Possesses strong customer service skills

Why Should You Choose PPMS for In-Store Retail Promotion?

PPMS is a pioneer in the field marketing industry in India, and has been a market leader for over two decades now. Over the years, we have gained excellence and expertise in the fields of in-store promotion, retail promotion and other such areas. Their team of experts provide the best retail promotion ideas. You can get the best professionals to promote your business with us.

Whether it is to boost your retail promotion and create brand awareness or get more customers for your business, PPMS is that one-stop destination for you.