on demand execution

On-Demand Execution

One of the biggest challenges in the organized trade, general trade and independent self-service stores, is the execution of branding in a large number of stores across the entire country. The challenge is of geographical coverage, cost, effective and reliable execution in volume over a short time.

PPMS Field Marketing leverages its expertise to print and execute branding and auditing execution. We offer the following services:

Our experience and expertise range from assisting brands with new product launches, designing innovative point-of-sale-materials, seasonal execution of material, large scale execution as well as the audits of any previous campaigns.

Material printed, but not sure of how it will get executed? Or perhaps you’d like to increase exposure for your brand across the country? Our services can help address your small and large branding requirement, as well as a dispersed requirement across the country.

In the past, we’ve successfully conceived and managed some of the largest branding and audit requirements for organizations such as HUL, ITC, Marico, Tata Consumer & Samsung.

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