Product Sampling and Store Activation by PPMS

PPMS Field Marketing Services is a pioneer at offering the most professional and reliable product sampling services to a variety of companies in FMCG, FMCD, eCommerce, banking, telecom, etc.

We are experts at turning your company into a brand that a prospective buyer chooses over another while shopping in a store. Our excellent and specially curated in-store activation strategies help your store increase sales by a good percentage.

Features and Benefits of Product Sampling and In-Store Activation

Product sampling and in-store activation are of incredible importance when it comes to increasing your overall revenue. Product sampling includes letting a customer try a product before buying it. While only 25% consumers said that they were likely to buy a product after watching a television commercial, 73% said that they were more inclined towards purchasing it after first trying it.

Here are the benefits of product sampling and in-store activation:

Product Sampling
  • Increased brand awareness

  • Higher number of sales

  • Connect to the target audience at once

  • Customer activation: increased engagement with your product

In-store Activation
  • Increased odds of your product catching the customer’s eye

  • More purchasing and sales opportunities

  • Higher exploration time for customers to pick up your product from the checkout area

  • Better positioning of your product to increase promotion in a store

We Offer New Opportunities for Store Activation to Facilitate Your Business

PPMS Field Marketing Services has been in operations since 1999, and so, we know exactly what drives field activation. Here’s how we help manage your channels more efficiently:

Building opportunities in new channels
  • We use kirana stores as redistribution points for eCommerce shipments of your products

  • We make traditional stores the facilitation points where consumers can place orders online

Building opportunities within existing channels
  • We sell wireless/Bluetooth Point-of-Sale (POS) devices to traditional trade stores

  • We urge stores to become our neighborhood hyperlocal partners

Introducing a new product
  • We establish UPI payment centers across different channels

Channel expansion
  • We increase points of sale for different kinds of beverages, depending upon the season

Channel consolidation
  • We establish direct communication with distribution partners to increase subscription and viewership of particular channels of a broadcasting client

Why is Store Activation Important for Product Sampling?

In-store activation is quite important for product sampling, as it improves overall brand awareness. Store activation leads to consumer activation, as the product is placed so strategically that it catches the shopper’s eye.

Here are the advantages of field activation for product sampling:

  • Valuable first-hand feedback from your customer once they’ve tried your product

  • Increased brand prominence

  • Bring life into an aging brand and reach younger audience more quickly

  • Cut through the sea of advertising clutter – TV commercials, print media, web ads, etc.

  • Reinforce your brand’s positioning

Why Should You Choose PPMS for Store Activation and Product Sampling?

PPMS Field Marketing Services has over two decades of experience in store activation, consumer activation, field activation, and product sampling. Top-notch and innovative store activation strategies

  • Experienced professionals at your service

  • Best-in-class store execution

  • One-stop shop for merchandising, promotion, sales, and field marketing

  • 100% flexibility and zero complexity

Whether you want to introduce a new product or increase point-of-sale of a particular product during peak season, you can expect PPMS to help you.

  • Building new opportunities with new channels
    • Using Kirana stores to become points of redistribution for E-commerce shipments
    • Using traditional stores to become facilitation points for placing online orders
  • Building new opportunities in existing channels
    • Selling Bluetooth based POS devices into traditional trade stores
    • Enlisting stores to become neighbourhood hyperlocal partners
  • Introducing a new product
    • UPI based payment solutions across channels
  • Channel Expansion
    • Increasing points of sale for beverages during season time
  • Channel Consolidation
    • Building direct communication with distribution partners to increase subscription and viewing of particular channels of a broadcasting client.