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7 Benefits of BTL Activities for Brand Promotion and Activation

By |2023-05-26T12:28:54+05:30October 30th, 2021|Channel Activation|

What is BTL Marketing?  BTL Marketing stands for "Below The Line" Marketing, which refers to marketing efforts that reach out directly to the target consumers, in contrast to Above The Line (ATL) marketing, which reaches out to a wider, mass audience. BTL Marketing activities include in-store promotions, direct mail, email marketing, telemarketing, trade shows, events [...]

Product Sampling: How Effective Is Product Sampling? Eye-opening Research

By |2022-03-30T17:06:33+05:30October 21st, 2020|Channel Activation|

Are you a brand looking to attract more attention? Do you want your customers to recognise your brand immediately? Well, have you considered product sampling? If you are launching a new product or wish to draw the attention of your customers towards your brands, it is best to give your product out for free and [...]

What is Consumer Activation and Why is it Important?

By |2022-03-29T10:00:28+05:30October 6th, 2020|Channel Activation|

Prospective customers continuously engage with your company and are impressed when they are offered appealing products. Marketers chiefly aim to keep this going. Nonetheless, when even the most critical and effective marketing strategies are unable to lure your target audience into buying your products, how can you keep your customer engaged and bring them back [...]

Engaging the Millennial Shopper In-Store

By |2020-12-10T15:43:03+05:30September 21st, 2020|Channel Activation|

The demographic that the bulk of traditional marketing is geared toward in today’s marketplace is citizens between the ages of sixteen and thirty-five, also known as millennial shoppers. These young adults are the driving force behind the retail economy, currently the largest consumer base and outpacing their predecessors by nearly 300% in some sectors. Retail [...]

Improve Your Sales Effectiveness with the Perfect In-Store Execution

By |2023-11-06T11:53:51+05:30September 21st, 2020|Channel Activation|

Retail is one of the most competitive industries, one that is faced with a constant challenge of improving the customer experience every step of the way. Shaping up the customer journey and delivering highest levels of satisfaction to the customer and that too consistently is therefore the most important pursuits of every retailer. Any smart [...]

A Beginner’s Guide to Product Sampling

By |2023-02-13T23:53:50+05:30September 18th, 2020|Channel Activation|

Product Sampling- What is it? Product Sampling is the activity of managing and regulating free samples to every shopper that visits the store. It is used for testing the accuracy and benefits of a product. This methodology not only helps drive sales but also enhances customer satisfaction, thereby urging your target audience to buy your [...]

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