What We Do

At PPMS Field Marketing Services, we shape buyer behaviour along the path to purchase. We are an end-to-end merchandisingpromoter services and a field marketing company, specialising in bringing products and communication to the fore and creating engaging experiences for customers.

The Opportunity

Retail in India is growing at a phenomenal pace – being part of this industry means growth and innovation. With many aspects to the business including POP design & production, merchandising, business development and client servicing, this booming sector offers many exciting opportunities.

Is It You?

At PPMS Field Marketing, we believe in an environment that’s transparent and professional. Our team is our backbone and consists of people who can think on their feet and are excited by challenges that are characteristic of this industry. Given the fast-paced growth of our business environment, we are always on the lookout for outstanding professionals who can deliver impeccable service to clients.

So if you’re ready to grow, mail us your resume at, and we will get back to you

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