Bringing products and communication to life at the store is our core strength. We entice buyers to purchase through planogramming, positioning, displays, signage, grouping, sampling and spotlights. From organizing planograms to the execution of branding, fixtures, and assets – we do end-to-end field merchandising. Our merchandisers take ownership of the output and engage with all stakeholders to ensure that the execution is done brilliantly, on time and within guidelines, always maximizing sales.

PPMS expertise in merchandising lies across categories such as FMCG, Consumer Durables, Beverages, Mobility, Telecom, Technology and others.

Across each of the following businesses, we merchandise across every type of channel:

  • Modern Trade

  • Traditional or General Trade

  • Kiosks

  • Brand stores

  • Multi-brand stores

  • Others

PPMS understands the landscape of each of these channels and devises effective merchandising plans to execute efficiently across each one them. Merchandising across more than 140,000 stores and making over 600,000 calls/month, across 800+ towns is a demonstration of our understanding and reach across channels and geographies.

We help brands and retailers sell more – attracting shoppers and improving sales. We leverage our field merchandising software, FRAMe, and a trained and motivated workforce to maximise retail execution efficiency.