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Retail Merchandising Services & Solutions

PPMS Field Marketing Services has expertise in product merchandising varying across industries like Telecom, Technology, Consumer Durables, FMCG, Mobility, Beverages, and more. As a merchandising agency, we strive to bring products and people to life at a store by attracting buyers to purchase products through different strategies and channels of retail merchandising.

We provide end-to-end retail service solutions and retail merchandising solutions. Our team of retail merchandisers takes complete ownership of the result. We have a network of supervisors and operation managers who coordinate the efficient functioning of field execution, and share this information back with the client’s sales and merchandising team.

Features & Benefits of Retail Merchandising Services

The goal of PPMSs’ retail store merchandising activity is to offer retail merchandiser services to assist in a retail strategy that generates revenue for the benefit of both retailer and client. Retail merchandising in India has been witnessing an uplift in traditional markets and given way to more engaging formats such as grocery stores, hypermarkets, and departmental stores.

Some unique features and benefits of outsourcing retail merchandising services for in-store merchandising are:

How Do In-Store Retail Merchandisers Work?

Within the in-store merchandising company, sales merchandisers closely work with the buyers at a company level to increase profits by tracking and reporting the sales trends and keeping control on the stock levels. The retail merchandiser company is also responsible for field merchandising and ensuring that the right quantities of goods are available in the stores and getting sold at the correct prices. Retail store visual merchandising is another role of these merchandisers.

We Offer Merchandising Services Across Every Type of Channel:

PPMS is one of those retail merchandising companies that provides merchandising solutions across various channels, like:

Besides, as a retail services company, we also specialize in field merchandising and retail fashion merchandising. We also help in strategy, product selection, placement, design, shelving, and more services. We at PPMS understand the structure of these channels and accordingly provide efficient plans for effective execution across all of them.

Why Should You Choose PPMS for In-Store Retail Product Merchandising Services?

PPMS is an in-store retail product merchandising services company that helps brands and retailers sell more by attracting shoppers and turning them into buyers. Our team of experienced professional retail merchandisers also assists the companies in improving their sales across varied channels and geographies.

PPMS, currently active across 800+ towns and 140,000 stores, is the right strategic partner for brand merchandising solutions, boosting your sales, and expanding your business.

Frequently asked Questions(FAQs)

Why do I need Retail Merchandising?

The process of carrying out various tasks that contribute towards the sales and promotions of products in a store is known as retail merchandising. While different stores offer a different set of products, retail merchandising companies curate practical in store merchandising solutions that can help them efficiently attract customers to the store and influence their decision to purchase products.

Attractive packaging, discounts, offers, gifts, and promotional schemes are a few well-known and efficient methods of retail promotion services.

Dose Visual Merchandising in Retail Stores increase sales?

Visual merchandising solutions refers to beautifying the interior look and enhancing the presentation of products in a store. It is extremely important to enhance the aesthetics of your store and strategically plan the product placement in your store as well.

Efficient retail merchandising will not only attract more consumers to your store but help you manage the sale of specific products as well.

Why is Product Merchandising important for brand performance?

Product merchandising helps increase the overall footfall in your store and, therefore, boost sales as well. It is an efficient way to improve a store’s reputation and, thus, enhance brand performance too.

While a customer is impressed by your merchandising techniques, their attention is attracted towards the brands you efficiently promote as well. However, while incorporating visual merchandising services you need to ensure that you plan your strategies targeting the brand you want to enhance the performance of.


What is the most important aspect of merchandising?

Visual merchandising and the presentation of products is the most important aspect of merchandising. The presentation of products in your store is a crucial aspect considering it will be the decisive factor according to which consumers will be attracted to specific products. Due to the establishment of merchandising companies and the rising competition in the market, visual merchandising in India is gaining momentum.

Visual merchandising is a creative and artistic process. Therefore, you need to carefully plan your layout and requirements of other aspects like product information and lighting requirements as well. If used strategically, merchandising techniques can not only increase sales but improve your reputation in the market as well.

What is in- store merchandising?

Strategizing product placement to encourage consumers to buy them is known as in-store merchandising. The goal of in-store merchandising solutions is to boost footfall and sales by influencing the consumer’s decision. In-store merchandising is an efficient way to improve a store’s reputation, while effectively helping in gaining the trust of your consumers as well.

The five R’s recommended as the key to success by numerous merchandising companies are:

  • Right merchandise
  • Right place
  • Right time
  • Right quantities
  • Right price

If you stick to these 5 R’s, you’re guaranteed to see fruitful results for your efforts.

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