These days, online collaboration tools are reshuffling the deck. If you’re still stuck doing things old-school, time to find out how the addition of a field reporting software can completely change the way you do your business:

Anywhere Access

Say your contractors are out in the field. This can make it difficult for your team to keep track of projects or send you updates on that day’s list of scheduled jobs and appointments. With a mobile reporting software, though, your team can send you updates no matter where they happen to be, says Lifewire. If you employ on-the-go tool staff or those who work a lot of their hours in the field, this is an indispensable tool to have, allowing your contractors to send in information and work from anywhere.

Instant Updates

Another advantage to using mobile field reporting tool is that your staff can easily access stored data and files so they can send updates right from the field. This way, everyone on the team can see those updates and act accordingly. For instance, if it’s a list of job schedules, you can easily monitor pending and completed jobs. If one of your staff is down with the flu, you could easily monitor the list and check whose schedule can fit in any of the dropped load. With the right tools, managing your daily schedule just got a whole lot easier.

Organized Data

The Wall Street Journal says employees can receive as much as 5,000 emails in a month. That’s going to mean a lot of time wasted just trying to sort through the emails and determine important ones. It’s no wonder employees waste a lot of time. Imagine having your managers or employees going through tons of emails every day just to get the information they need, send updates or send a reply. With a field service management software that’s easy to integrate into your existing systems, employees can simply update a file using the app and everyone on the team will already see those updates. It eliminates the need for redundant emails and essentially reduces the time it takes to loop everyone in. With a software that easily organizes your data, employees won’t have to waste time looking through their files.

Paperless Management

Another benefit to using a field data collection tool like FReD is that it allows teams to operate without the need for a ton of files and papers that could easily get lost. Too many files, too, could turn into a messy pile of invoices, manuals and forms. A software helps consolidate all these in one place, all while ensuring paperless operation. That means faster access, greater accuracy of details and less stress, all of which are good news for you and your team.

Stop putting your team at a disadvantage. Give your staff the right tools to get the job done and done right. Speed up timelines, improve operational efficiency and improve teamwork with the right collaboration tools. Your bottom line will be all the better for it.