In today’s times, data is one the most important tools for any company to become successful. This is further emphasized by the fact that focus of the economy is no longer restricted to the ambit of any industry and has instead shifted to the collection of information. In such a scenario, for any business to prosper, it is highly essential to have a field data collection software in place. The concerned employees, in order to gain an edge over the competitors, should be able to collate the required data regarding potential leads. This process should be done digitally on a regular basis and in real-time.

There are a number of benefits of using a mobile data collection software when collating data but, the true extent of these advantages depends on the scope of the project which has been undertaken. To begin with, a field reporting software can greatly help businesses speed up their work as data collected by field representatives can be transmitted immediately for a timely response.

Here are a few other advantages of using a field reporting software for the purpose of data collection:

Portable, yet Versatile

These days, smartphones can capture a wide array of data ranging from audio, video and text to geolocation capturing, making them very handy tools. They also eradicate the need for field agents to carry big and expensive devices whose maintenance costs a bomb. Using a portable device rules out the need to carry bulky training manuals and instead use compact equipment that can be used instantaneously to explain facts or share information.

Enable the Illiterate to become Equal Participants

There are a number of icon-based field-reporting software available which help individuals with no prior experience of digital technology to participate in data collection initiatives. To achieve that, icons can be selected from a databank or from a community. These icons can be designed to be literal, categorical, or even metaphorical depending on the requirement. The field data collection software is designed to allow for an audio explanation on clicking an icon.

Higher Accuracy

According to an article published by the World Bank, any digital data which is collected at the source can greatly reduce errors. Data which is collected using mobile collection software makes sure that critical data is not lost in transit. Additionally, reporting done on paper are many times illegible and as a consequence, rather hard to interpret. Monitors can greatly aid in correcting such errors.

Reduction in Data Collection and Interpretation Time

Apart from reduction of errors, as field data collection software rules out the need for transcription of data, the time needed to transfer data from the field gets reduced drastically. Transmission of data over a network also means that analysis can be initiated as soon as data collection has been completed.

In other words, any project which makes use of mobile field reporting software can engage with target audiences, especially those who do not have access to the internet by making use of the phones and enabling field agents to become what is better known as ‘citizen scientists’.