A Beginner’s Guide to Product Sampling

Product Sampling- What is it?

Product Sampling is the activity of managing and regulating free samples to every shopper that visits the store. It is used for testing the accuracy and benefits of a product. This methodology not only helps drive sales but also enhances customer satisfaction, thereby urging your target audience to buy your products.

PPMS Field Marketing Services is an industry leader in the field of product sampling. PPMS functions with the aim to help every brand find the right solutions for sustaining in a competitive marketplace. Through state-of-the-art service, PPMS enables your business to gain optimal efficiency.

The product sampling methodology is hugely beneficial, as it gives a customer the opportunity to test the product. They see for themselves how effective or useful it is. The main idea behind this is to give customers a glimpse into what the product is and how it can be used, thereby turning them into regular customers. It is a win-win situation for both the company as well as the customers.

Fundamental product sampling methods

While product samples vary from one retail store to another, there are four dynamic methods every retail store can use.

Direct product sampling

Direct product sampling involves a streamlined approach wherein you give shoppers the opportunity of testing a product at their home. A salesperson shall provide customers with insights on the product’s working. For instance, your salesperson may illustrate the product’s working in the store, after which the customers can take the product home.

Wet product sampling

Wet product sampling is one of the most popular direct sampling types that involves offering products to consumers in the store. Some retail firms also combine both these factors to provide customers with a much more satisfying experience.

Indirect product sampling

Indirect product sampling is maximally remote selling. Indirect sampling is the structured methodology of offering test products to the customers without any means of physical interaction. Here, you may offer free samples of an individual product to different shoppers who buy other products from your store.

You may either give it with another product, provide it at the checkout, or offer it in the form of a bundle. The most vital yet impressive benefit of this methodology is that it requires next to zero effort and satisfies both the users and the retailers.

Dry product sampling

Under dry sampling, there are two components – event sampling and supermarket sampling. Both of these come at relatively low costs and offer remarkable results and opportunities for retailers.

Why is product sampling a necessity for brand activation?

Product sampling, at its core, is a great method for enhancing brand sales without putting too many efforts. The benefit of giving free products to the customers for trying is that they will have the opportunity to gain maximal transparency while investing in your products.

What are the perks of product sampling for your company?

● Brand transparency is attractive to the customers – The most fundamental components of product sampling is that customers will start trusting you. The sole fact that you are giving the product sample will enhance your likelihood of creating a strong customer base.

● Enhances sales – The most obvious perks of brand activation is that it offers you the benefit of tremendously promoting your revenue and sales.

● Customer-product Direct interaction – Another quick benefit of product sampling is that customers can have direct communication with the product, which may increase their chance of buying the product.

To sum up,

While product sampling is exceptionally beneficial, you must make use of the right methodologies to benefit your company from the campaign. PPMS has commendable experience in the field and has been dedicatedly serving the product sampling industry for quite some time now. PPMS employs skilled professionals and utilizes the most novel in-store promotion ideas. If you are looking to derive optimum benefits out of the product sampling drive, PPMS has got you covered.

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