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7 Benefits of BTL Activities for Brand Promotion and Activation

What is BTL Marketing? 

BTL Marketing stands for “Below The Line” Marketing, which refers to marketing efforts that reach out directly to the target consumers, in contrast to Above The Line (ATL) marketing, which reaches out to a wider, mass audience. BTL Marketing activities include in-store promotions, direct mail, email marketing, telemarketing, trade shows, events and experiential marketing, targeted advertisements, etc. These activities aim to create a more personal and engaging connection with the target audience, resulting in increased brand awareness and sales.

In a dynamic world of trends, businesses cannot succeed using traditional strategies. As consumers are changing their lifestyles, brands and companies must change their ways of reaching out to them. ATL (Above the Line) activities were popular years ago. Brands marketed their products using print, media, radio, and the internet. However, in today’s world, these activities do not generate the desired lead quality. BTL (Below the Line) activities took over the market scenario today, as almost all businesses are hopping onto this form of marketing and retail promotion.

BTL activities allow brands to communicate with their audience on a personal level and stay above the competition. Brands use innovative and creative ideas to grab the audiences’ attention and keep them engaged. The BLT activities include direct mail campaigns, trade shows, brand promotion events, telemarketing, catalogs, exhibitions, and free product sampling. With the advent of digitization, BTL activities have been taken a notch higher. Brands have digitized their promotional activities and use search engine marketing to reach a wider audience across the globe. 

BTL marketing allows brands to be closely connected with their audience and create a loyal customer base.

How do BTL Activities work?

BTL, a.k.a Below the Line advertising, is a marketing strategy that focuses on promoting the business by connecting with its customers emotionally. This form of marketing has enabled brands and consumers to have a two-way interaction. It gives the brand tremendous exposure to connect with the existing audience or carve out a new set of audiences by reaching out to a whole new market. BTL marketing is ideal for brands who wish to increase their visibility. 

BTL Marketing Made Easy: Check Out These BTL Marketing Examples for Inspiration

1. Photo Booths:

Placing an innovative and exciting photo booth at an event allows businesses to pitch their products/services subtly. At the same time, the attendees enjoy the event and give them social attention. 

2. Tweet Cafe or Social Cafes:

These can throw the spotlight on your brand while making your event a trendsetter on social media platforms.

There are multiple ways of conducting BTL marketing activities and gaining visibility to maximize sales ultimately. 

Exploring the Top 7 Benefits of Below the Line (BTL) Activities

1. Direct Point of Contact Between Consumers and Brands:

Earlier, brands would promote their products to the consumers without getting to know them. With BTL marketing, brands and consumers can know each other. Direct communication enables brands to understand what the audience wants, and consumers understand what the brand offers, their ideology, and their vision. By employing activities that personally deliver the brand’s message, consumers can trust the brand. Thus, it builds brand credibility. Moreover, brands can analyze what to offer based on consumer buying patterns and behavior. After creating a loyal customer base, the brand can stay in touch with them using email marketing, direct sales events, etc. 

2. Create Brand Awareness:

If your brand wants to gain visibility- BTL marketing is the way to go! 

These activities have proven to be effective ways of spreading awareness about brands. Brands use BTL activities to reach out to a new audience. The more innovative the idea will be, the better it registers among the audience. In the current scenario, brands are presenting themselves on platforms or events trending offline or on social media. The presence of the brand is highlighted through BTL marketing campaigns. 

3. Reaching the Target Audience:

What’s better than reaching out to your Target Audience personally? Do not neglect the power of personal touch. In BTL campaigns, you can plan a goal and achieve it through strategic marketing campaigns. Whatever your idea is, make sure that you know your audience thoroughly. Identify their likes, dislikes, psychographics, etc. BTL activities will assist you in reaching them effectively.

4. Makes Your Brand Stand Out:

The industry is full of competitors, and the media is loaded with advertisements. In such a cluttered marketing world, BTL marketing is a way to stand apart from the crowd and communicate a clear message to the audience. Moreover, a dynamic approach always sticks to the heart of the audience. 

5. Builds Brand Credibility:

Experiential Marketing solutions have boosted the effect of BTL marketing. These activities allow brands to showcase and demonstrate their offerings. First-hand experience delivers instant results and results in the maximum sale of the product. A positive brand image is created while strengthening customer-brand relationships. 

6. It Strongly Impacts The Audience:

When compared with traditional marketing activities, BTL marketing creates a more substantial impact on the people. The brand gets registered in the audiences’ memory, and interaction increases the brand’s recall value. 

7. Enables The Consumers To Feel Your Product:

Have you ever come across free product samples when you visit the grocery store or the supermarket? One of the forms of BTL activities is “Sampling and Trial generation.” It introduces the brand to the audience while giving them an insight into the product. When the consumers touch and feel the product, they purchase it repeatedly. Such activity provides quality assurance to build brand loyalty. 

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