In any retail situation, you quickly come to a point where profit margins are razor thin. Without constant optimization, field merchandising software and a hunt for the absolute best way to spend money, you’ll quickly go under in what is and will most likely continue to be the most overwhelmingly competitive industry on the planet.

Working in retail is hard. Managing retail is hard. And trying to make a safe profit through retail can be depressing, without the right retail execution software. That’s where synergy, retail audits, and a combination of different factors – including retail merchandising software – become absolutely critical. For example, all retailers rely on the talents and capabilities of their Marketing and Sales teams. When it comes to Marketing and Sales, you’re often in a managerial position where these two departments should work in perfect synergy, but often work in competition to one another.

That doesn’t mean, however, that these departments should be merged when looking for retail execution solutions. So how do you go about optimizing your retail sales team, while still retaining a marketing budget without creating redundancies or inefficiencies? You do so through better field merchandising software to gather and analyze data at the front lines as per Forbes, and by accepting that with a razor sharp profit margin, the best way to stay in business, beat the competition and carve out a local niche large enough to positively thrive as a business is through the utilization of retail audits and retail execution software. There are products where profit margins are more comfortable, as per Digitalist Magazine, but these are the exception. Competition is the name of the game – and the end result for success is always worth the fight.

Why Store Audit Software Matters

Through retail audit software and retail execution solutions, you can better anticipate customer behavior, narrow down the bestsellers and eliminate the straggling products, terminate costs and supply contracts that do not work, cater to your best and most loyal customers, and create a retail experience that lends itself perfectly to your marketing team’s efforts towards improving your lead options for your sales team to take advantage of. Some say customers suffer under surveys, but as per Quirks, quality surveys are a boon rather than a bane.

This is especially true for mobile retail audit software, which lets you not only better gauge how your products are being sold and at what time – in order to better create patterns on which to base your optimization decisions – but you can ask customers directly how they feel about the changes you made with your retail store audit software, the changes you’re planning to make, and other relevant questions.

Working out the Logistics of Store Audit Software

Ultimately, running a shop is expensive – especially in a world where you have to compete with eCommerce retailing that runs at what amounts to zero cost versus the investment you have to put into a legitimate, physical storefront.
Those expenses – from inventory and payment processing to rent and all the additional costs – have to be covered, and doing that means optimizing at every step of the way. Therein lies the true strength of simple and elegant solutions such as mobile retail audit software, and the inventory data gathered through retail merchandising software from experts like 360 Field Reporting.