What is a Retail Store Display? How can you Build an Effective Store Display?

A retail store display or a retail display refers to product promotion in a retail store. Products promoted in POP displayswindow displays, shelves, tables, or any other space in a store comes under the umbrella term of a retail store display.

If you’re a visual merchandiser who is tasked with the challenging task of designing an effective display for your products, you have come to the right place. Read on to learn the different avenues you can explore to make your retail store display a sure-shot success.

Standalone POP Display: Explanation and Examples

POP retail display refers to the point of purchase display. Different types of retailers use POP displays to attract the attention of potential customers. This tactic has worked time and again. Many types of retail stores explore different types of POP displays to showcase their products.

Read on to uncover the different POP retail marketing displays you can explore to boost sales.

Dump Bins

You will often see a dump bin in malls, big shopping complexes, and clothing outlets.

A dump bin is a giant bin or container that is stocked with individually packaged products. It is one of the most straightforward and common types of display. They are used to present small items like socks, candies, toys, and accessories. The idea is to provoke impulsive buying by strategically stacking many cute things together in these store display bins for aesthetic appeal.

Dump bins are increasingly used for product display in a retail store by visual merchandisers who see them for what they are: irresistible sales magnets!

Freestanding Displays

Freestanding displays are often more organized and smaller in size and area coverage than dump bins. The display products placed in freestanding displays can be accessed from all angles and easily handpicked by customers. They display slightly larger products on shelves or hooks.

As such, they serve as a perfect merchandise display for products like shampoo bottles, body lotions, foot creams, hand creams, conditioners, and any other product that comes in tube containers.

Entryway Displays

Entryway displays are self-explanatory. It is a type of retail store display that uses the store’s entryway to promote a product. You can set up an outdoor entryway display if you have enough walking space outside your store.

This product display strategy has worked for many visual merchandisers time and again. It can work for you if you use your creativity to make the most of these retail marketing displays!

Window Displays

Window displays are among the most trending in-store display tactics that have worked like magic glue for many brands and retailers. It might be costly to get your product displayed on the window display shelving for retail stores, but it will be worth every penny of your marketing budget.

Why? Because people will be able to see your products without so much as setting foot inside the store. If they like what they see, a potential customer will walk right in and purchase your product!

Retail Shelving Display: Explanation and Examples

A retail shelving display or store display is the display of products on a traditional store shelf. If your only option for product display involves shelving units in a retail store, read on to learn what you can do to make a fantastic impression on store visitors.

End Cap Displays

Endcap displays are the shelves at the end of a two-sided retail shelf. You will generally find such displays in supermarkets and grocery stores with many aisles.

These retail marketing displays are considered a prime location for attracting potential customers trying their best to navigate through the store.

Shelf Talkers

Infamously known as hand tags, shelf talkers have become a sensational product display tactic that is increasingly used to distinguish one’s product. They are promotional signage explored by brands and business owners to educate customers, make their products stand out, and communicate crucial developments like a discount, promotion, 1+1 offers, etc.

Explore these retail marketing displays if you haven’t already. With them around, it becomes impossible for a potential buyer to ignore your product. They help build brand awareness as a potential customer will reach out and assess your product even if they don’t buy it.

Clip Strips

Generally used to hold together small products using long vertically hanging strips, clips strips have become quite the sensation. Suppose your specialty lies in selling small products like eyeliners, eyelash curlers, chapsticks, etc. In that case, these are some of the most influential retail marketing displays you can explore to catch customer attention.

It is a fantastic tool for cross-merchandising, and you can use them to sell small bite-sized items alongside bigger products that you may be selling. For example, you can display concealers in a clip strip alongside big eyeshadow palettes in a retail store. The idea is to use your imagination to boost sales, and clip strips present you with the perfect opportunity to achieve this.


You have reached the end of this article. We hope that you are aware of the different retail store display options you can explore. Be it in-store display or outside display or window display; our blog has covered all possible areas to ensure that your visual merchandising is a successful enterprise. Let us know your thoughts, and feel free to suggest new topic ideas in the comments below.

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