Is your business capturing relevant data from the field? More importantly, is that data coming to you in real-time so that decisions can be expedited and processes improved?

If not, now is the time to think of field data collection software and integrate it with your data collection efforts. After all, as per, data is the new oil of the Digital Economy.

Data-driven decisions are helping companies gather invaluable insights and use it for decision-making and driving positive transformational change in the way they operate. Traditionally, construction and retail companies have been collecting data using paper-based methods. Not only is such an approach prone to human-errors but the delay that happens as a result of this slow data collection process can result in the company losing its competitive advantage over other players in their business.

Utility of Field Data Collection Software

Now you can get the power of data on your fingertips and boost your revenues in the process. Here are some stellar benefits of mobile data collection software that can help your business become profitable in the long run:

A field reporting software can show vital data insights to decision-makers through a mobile app integrated on their mobile phones or tablets.

It can be used to plan and create routes for your sales field force and thereby minimize their time or that of their superiors.

All your sales representatives on the field can be tracked in real-time and therefore any deliberate deficiency of service or unintentional yet slow performers can be identified.

Onsite or Customer visits can be scheduled effectively.

Survey feedback can be more accurate as customization of forms can be done easily using field data collection software.

Notifications can be received in real-time on handheld devices which can alert your staff on depleting stocks or urgent customer concerns.

Visual proof for validation such as site photos, customer receipts, signatures, etc. can be easily captured and shared instantly using such software. Even automatic date capturing and GPS coordinates are areas that can help you identify and streamline lacunas in your operational procedures.

Lastly, implementation of field reporting software is by far less expensive than the traditional methods of data collection. Such an execution eliminates the need to validate your data against errors discovered later, reduces operational inefficiencies, and leads to a better workforce management.


If you are still relying on a paper-based data collection model, now is the time to switch to a better alternative in mobile data collection software. This switch to a technology-based solution will not only give you accurate data but cut down the time it takes for the information flow from the grounds up. Armed with these relevant and invaluable insights you can take your business to newer heights and see a definite boost in revenues. So why wait? Say goodbye to transcribing Excel spreadsheets and deciphering illegible paper-written notes and make this transition to a much more robust way of field data collection using software.