Today, mobile apps give retailers a competitive edge over others. Get here 5 best ways how retailers can gain a competitive advantage with mobile apps.

Retail Software – A Modern Sales Approach

Retail software is an important tool for conducting business in the field of sales. From advertising and merchandising apps to store audit software, nearly every aspect of retail business can be performed from the screen of a computer. This helps to streamline the sales process on every level and allows for the integration of additional security measures and modern merchandising techniques.
Retail Software

Merchandising on the Move

Merchandising and sales were once considered areas of business that could only be conducted from a brick and mortar location. Even the traveling salesmen of the past had a single location where their records were kept. Today’s sales and bookkeeping are run the same way as nearly everything else in the age of technology – on the go.

With this move toward mobile merchandising, more companies offer apps for every aspect of doing business. One example is 360 Field Reporting, a company based entirely online that offers software, apps and training for mobile data collection and keeping. With solutions to fit every business need, these companies offer support that any modern retailer can use to better their products and services.

With mobile merchandising software, it’s important to be assured that all documentation will be kept safe and easily accessible. By utilizing secure cloud storage and intuitive retail merchandising software, retail sales companies can see a lower cost margin for these capabilities and realize greater profits while having simple and consistent access to their data. All of this can be done from tablet and phone applications, and be moved from one location to the next without complication.

Gaining an Extra-Advantage with Today’s Techniques

If you’ve ever purchased an item online through a retail app, left online reviews for services you’ve paid for or seen an ad for a particular brand while using a game or entertainment app, you have been directly affected by mobile merchandising software. In this way, the reach of advertising efforts is far improved. In today’s market, nearly all potential customers can be accessed through mobile means; when everyone is already on their tablet or phone, that’s where a retailer wants their brand to be visible.

Store execution software is a quickly-growing and ever-improving aspect of marketing. In many mobile applications, customers can search for products or services, view reviews from other consumers, purchase their items or pay for their services and even set up times and locations to receive them. By giving patrons the power to complete nearly every step of the sales process themselves, retailers increase their sales and business in two ways. First, they modernize the availability of their goods, offering them from the comfort of the consumer’s own home, or wherever they may be at the time. Second and even more importantly, businesses lower their costs and increase profit margins by taking work that used to be done in person and on foot, and allowing their customers to perform those tasks themselves, digitally, lessening the amount of both manpower and resources needed for each sale.

By bringing the field of retail sales into the modern age of technology, companies can ensure that they will continue to grow, and reach ever-wider audiences through mobile merchandising.