• Enable timely operational improvements because of the availability of real-time data
  • Keep a close eye on the performance of your field force and make corrections, wherever needed
  • Monitor and improve the effectiveness of your field marketing efforts
  • Help measure and publish compliance reports for the benefit of the decision makers
  • When audits are carried out using such a robust retail merchandising software your inventory management activity becomes a lot easier

These benefits will eventually help you in improving operations and delivering an unmatched Customer Experience!

Research Points to the Need for Mobile Retail Audits

When asked to identify which shopping channel needed the most improvement, the top answer came out to be “physical stores”, in the Seamless Retail Research Survey by Accenture which went into surveying nearly 10,000 customers and 190 retailers globally on their ability to deliver a seamless shopping experience to their customers.

This finding helps establish an important point: The retail experience for your customers can no longer remain static.

Investment in retail audit software will therefore help you unravel problem areas around which you tend to lose customers to your competition and make improvements accordingly. Such audits will put you firmly in control of the Customer Experience and help get a good grasp on the various aspects of your retail business. Whether you are exploring it as mobile field merchandising software that helps you maintain the SKUs across your retail stores or using it to monitor and improve field performance, the benefits are there for the taking.

So, are you ready to usher in this new era of retail excellence and deliver an outstanding experience to your customers?