Best Ways to Reinvent Your Field Data Collection Process

Are you facing losses in your business on account of wrong field reporting data that comes your way? Does it take forever for your field force to report back on vital data and then for its assessment of what improvements need to be undertaken based on customer inputs?

Well, now is the time to look back and retune your strategies. Gone are the days when you could rely on paper-based data capturing methods which almost always tend to get misreported or delayed. Today, field reporting software empowers decision makers in a company to access anytime/anywhere data being shared by their field representatives. Not only the format is electronic i.e. error-free but it also trickles down instantly thereby eliminating the possibility of any delays in communication and interpretation of invaluable customer data.

There are many ways in which you can reinvent your field data collection process using field data collection software. Let’s explore some of these in detail:

Going Mobile

A mobile data collection software helps empower decision-makers in a retail organization to gather and analyze data with just a few clicks and taps. This ability to analyze data anywhere/anytime can help organizations devise effective strategies in a timely manner.

Customized Forms

Your customer surveys need to be set templates anymore. The ability to customize survey and feedback forms as per the customer demographics proves to be a big advantage in getting the right king of information. The retail paradigm has shifted from one of Product-Product- Product to People-People- People, as explained by Pamela Danzinger in this Forbes article on customer satisfaction.

Creating Sales Routes

Struggling to create sales routes or track your field force to ensure they are spending the right time on the job? Well, not anymore! Field data collection software is just about what you need to do such tasks effectively and bring in efficiency and productivity.

For Validation

Signatures, photos, invoices can be shared and accessed through field reporting software which expedites the decision-making process. Even customer signatures can be collected using such interfaces. This can dramatically improve the feedback gathering process.

Regional/Territorial Planning

Timely capture and relay of information is a big advantage for Sales and Zonal Managers in a retail setup as they are the ones who are entrusted with the task of planning their staff movements with pin-point accuracy. Using the captured data they can allocate resources accordingly and initiate the reforms process to address gaps.


The Retail industry is extremely competitive in today’s times. From better customer service to effective job scheduling, dispatching, creating invoices, and a lot more! The benefits of field reporting using software are many and these can only end up in helping you transform the fortunes of your retail business in no time.

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