Validation of execution, availability of stocks and assets, promoter working and knowledge, etc. is key to driving a strong field operation.

Sending people to the market to conduct a field survey, check on execution, assets, etc, is no longer enough. It is important to work with an in-store company that knows how to put people who understand what to look for and act accordingly. An asset available is different form an asset available at the right location. And, understanding planograms before reporting on them, will make the difference between how right your decisions are going to be.

We thus reach out to stores and other activation points to validate and report on the key measures ensuring that the results are truly representative of the benchmarks set for audit. This is by the sheer experience of people and store/activation spaces.

Assignments can be as complex as tracking movement of assets from manufacturing points to installation, to as large as validating thousands of visi-coolers placed across a large geography.