Winning at Retail

Bringing products and communications to life is our forte. We take end-to-end ownership of in store promotion and deliver excellence, always.

Our contribution to Clients Businesses

We understand that with increasing business pressures, internally managing execution through promoters, merchandisers and field agents can become extremely stretched and challenging for sales teams. Hiring, training, deployment, monitoring and reporting of these extended teams is not their core role and execution suffers.

We also understand that execution is critical to achievement of overall sales goals and that’s where we come in. We take ownership. We partner to run alongside you, to take complete responsibility of your execution and deliver excellence from hiring, training, planning, deployment, monitoring and reporting of every resource and task.

As India’s leading retail merchandiser, marketing and retail promoter agencies – with us as partners, you can expect higher sales and execution efficiency. With our diverse experience and assisted by our proprietary field marketing software, you will experience the following key benefits:

Excellence in Execution

  • Adequate people availability and deployment

  • Trained and motivated team

  • Compliance with work plans – routing and deployment

  • Prevention of diversion of resources to other tasks

  • Gap Analysis for availability of stocks, POSM, promotion, assets, permissions, etc.

Transparency in Reporting

  • Monitored and supervised workforce

  • Field marketing app-based measurement of output

  • Visibility on deviations in calls and routes

  • Actionable reporting

  • Timely and relevant data across all relevant points with clear calls-to-action

We have the capability to cover the depth and width of our customers’ needs and offer the following experiences and services:

In-Store Promoters : PPMS

In-Store Promoters

In-Store Promoters provide the best opportunity to turn a shopper into a buyer by being able to meet her face-to-face and engage with her. We help you detail, up-sell, cross-sell and build your brand by actually placing it in the hands of the shopper.

Merchandising Services : PPMS


Bringing products and communication to life at the store is our core strength. Using our retail merchandising expertise we help brands and retailers sell more – attracting customers, improving sales, and maximizing efficiency. We entice buyers to purchase through planogramming, positioning, displays, signage, grouping, sampling, and spotlights.

Channel Activation : PPMS

Channel Activation

PPMS has demonstrated its capabilities in putting out and managing feet-on-street to facilitate clients’ businesses to reach new opportunities and manage channels more efficiently. PPMS brings its knowledge and expertise in designing and executing field plans that solve big challenges for varied businesses and needs.

Auditing : PPMS


With our experience in field execution and vast network, we proudly conduct complex, large, or simple audit assignments for the leading brands. Each one requires subject matter knowledge and capable hands to conduct the audit.

The Audit Function in our PPMS FRAMe reporting tool can be used to conduct a backend photo audit – each photo taken on a field visit can be audited through a backend audit team to validate the work done and score a merchandising execution.

Mobile Field Reporting : PPMS

Mobile Field Reporting – FRAMe

PPMS was the first to deploy large-scale, mobile-based reporting in 2008. FRAMe (Field Reporting and Analysis ModulE) is our proprietary mobile technology that enables real time field reporting, helping monitor and maintain your field operations efficiently, in real time. GPS-enabled, and with an easy intuitive user interface – FRAMe allows for daily work allocation, journey/route planning, and guided work completion for front-line employees.

Managing attendance, recording metrics on availability, forward shelf shares, execution, assets, GPS and time stamping, scanning, signature and anything else you may want are easily configurable to deliver a data collection and reporting experience par excellence. Link the tool to FRAMe’s backend photo audit functionality and you have a tool that provides you a 360 degree control on your operations.

Promo Stock Bundling & Kitting : PPMS

Promo Stock Bundling & Kitting

PPMS Field Services can help you solve for one of the biggest challenges retail can face – bundling and kitting solutions. Our experience and expertise ranges from conceptualisation to execution of the right solution for the product and pack configuration.