Our Services

We are India’s leading end-to-end in-store promoter merchandising services and a field marketing company, delivering results by owning and managing execution delivery, bringing transparency and immediacy in action through mobile reporting

In-Store Promoters provide the best opportunity to turn a shopper into a buyer by being able to meet her face-to-face and engage with her.

Bringing products and communication to life at the store is our core strength. Using our retail merchandising expertise we help brands and retailers sell more.

PPMS has demonstrated its capabilities in putting out and managing feet-on-street to facilitate clients’ businesses to reach new opportunities and manage channels more efficiently.

With our experience in field execution and vast network, we proudly conduct both Field Audit assignments and Backend Photo Audits for leading brands.

PPMS Group can help you solve one of the biggest challenges of retail – branding and execution

FRAMe is our proprietary mobile application that enables real time field reporting, helping monitor and maintain your field operations efficiently, in real time.

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