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What is Retail Planogram in Visual Merchandising?

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What is a Retail Planogram? The fundamental advantage of having a brick-and-mortar store is the physical space. It is essential to make the best use of this space to derive the most out of your business. The area is utilized by shelves, product standees, check-out counters, aisles for customers to navigate your store, etc.  Planograms [...]

7 Benefits of BTL Activities for Brand Promotion and Activation

By |2021-11-08T15:02:22+05:30October 30th, 2021|Uncategorized|

What is BTL Marketing?  In a dynamic world of trends, businesses cannot succeed using traditional strategies. As consumers are changing their lifestyles, brands and companies must change their ways of reaching out to them. ATL (Above the Line) activities were popular years ago. Brands marketed their products using print, media, radio, and the internet. However, [...]

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