About Us

In what was truly a revolutionary concept at its launch, PPMS planted the seeds of merchandising services in India in 1999. The conviction that things could be done differently and deliver a value not seen by industry before were the corner stones that helped PPMS emerge as an industry leader.

PPMS is an end-to-end Merchandising Services Company, which has continuously innovated in the fast-changing retail environment. We have built capabilities to keep pace with and deliver results with the changing scenario. PPMS has been instrumental in taking the ownership of the process of merchandising away from our clients, leaving them to manage their sales processes. Employing best practices, we have set benchmarks for in-store execution standards in both Traditional and Modern Trade channels across verticals like FMCG, Mobility, Beverages, Household Care, Durables etc. As a result, both the sales and execution processes of our clients have delivered significantly enhanced results.

Recognizing the challenges in meeting point-of-sale needs on various fronts, we have expanded our scope at PPMS by offering services in repacking, field marketing and activations, POSM, and online reporting.

PPMS has established and operated the largest merchandising projects in India, which include Unilever’s FMCG and water business, and ITC’s FMCG business. Each of PPMS managed projects has emerged as a benchmark and out-delivered against others in the industry.

Headquartered in Chennai, we have a national footprint and have emerged as one of the largest merchandising solutions companies in India. We take pride in being able to take on projects and make a marked difference to our clients businesses, reaching cities, towns and markets as far and deep as our client’s requirement.


Dealing with size and spread comes easily to us. If the client has seen a vision of reaching a particular market, PPMS has been instrumental in the realization of that vision while ensuring that the quality of delivery is consistent at every new destination we reach.

While we work in one city for some clients, we have, in the Pureit project, demonstrated the capability for reaching out to 322 towns, managing installation, merchandising and collecting leads from the installed locations, across 50000 clinics in these towns. In another project we manage work in more than 620 towns managing close to 50000 retailers.